ian evans

Adventurer, motivational speaker & business consultant



Adventurer, motivational speaker & business consultant


Ian has embraced adventure all his life - from scaling the shed roof at aged 3 to skiing to the South Pole at aged 58.   He has also climbed 5 of the "7 Summits" ", cycled 5,000 KMS solo & unsupported across Australia (twice) around the coastline of Iceland and to the Arctic Ocean and run 10 marathons.

But the thing about Ian is that he is an ordinary guy, from a rural background in England, who has decided to push himself to achieve extraordinary things at the very edge of his own comfort zone.  He is not an explorer, world record holder or super-fit world-class endurance athlete, but is a Chartered Accountant who has led in many ways a regular life.

Ian is a natural and authentic speaker who passionately shares the lessons learned from his adventures and business with audiences around the world.  As well as corporate keynote events, Ian speaks to students of all ages.   Ian is also a philanthropist, who regularly donates funds raised on his expeditions and speaking fees in aid of relief organizations and charitable ventures.

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“I highly recommend Ian as a motivational speaker for any organization. His storytelling style is authentic and engaging and he was able to translate his experiences into meaningful advice and lessons that our partners can take into their day-to-day business life.”

Raj Kothari,
GTA Managing Partner,
PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers

Having Ian Evans come to our school and speak about his adventures was exceptional. His message of perseverance, commitment, and drive to achieve the unimaginable was inspiring for all our students SK to Grade 12. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker in large group settings and he also did small class visits where students could connect with him more personally, ask questions, and learn more about this amazing adventurer.

Ashley Stewart,
Student Life Coordinator,
St. John's - Kilmarnock

“Ian gave a fantastic inspirational presentation at our annual manager’s meeting. He is easily able to captivate the audience with his incredible life experiences and adventures from around the globe.  Ian’s sheer determination is inspirational in itself and our managers were still talking about the presentation days later!"

Ward Tregoning,
President, Transfrt McNamara


“Ian’s speech was an incredible experience for all of us.  It was inspiring, authentic, and motivating. The students were so excited about Ian’s story and message. We would recommend Ian to any school wishing to inspire their students to break out of their comfort zones and truly own who they are as individuals. A wonderful way to start the day!"

Peter O'Grady,
Director of Student Leadership, Lakefield College

Tim Rollwagen,
Science Teacher, Lakefield College

"Ian is a talented speaker that kept 100 Grade 8's mesmerized! The presentations were perfect for our needs - he took our suggestions to link his experiences to our programming effortlessly. It was inspirational to hear how Ian overcame huge mental, physical and emotional challenges on the South Pole Expedition".

Dr. Robert Wallis,
Principal, Outward Bound Canada


"Fantastic inspirational talk to our new year 12 from Polar Explorer Ian Evans. Brilliant! Mental toughness personified".

James Connolly, 
Assistant Head
The Maelor School, Wales

Clients include:


the documentary


LUNATIC tells the story of Ian’s quest to walk in the footsteps of his childhood Antarctic heroes
(Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen) and his attempt to become the oldest Canadian to reach the South Pole.

LUNATIC is an inspiring tale about what can be achieved through dreams and determination. Dramatic, funny, educational and inspiring, watching LUNATIC may not make you want to embark on this extreme journey yourself, but you will be better for having experienced it through Ian’s eyes.
— Scott Kress - Adventurer, Seven Summiter & President of Summit Team Building

director's statement

When I first sat down with Ian to hear his story I was instantly captivated. Here was a high school drop out who eventually became a Chartered Accountant, climbed five of the seven summits, cycled solo 5,000 km across Australia and almost died on his successful summiting of Mount Elbrus, Russia. It is safe to say that Ian is not satisfied with “the ordinary”.
In the making of this documentary however, I started to wonder if he was really the “lunatic” that many had labeled him because after all, he’s lived a fuller life than many of us who are tethered to our computers trying to make a “living”.  Maybe G.K. Chesterton was on to something when he said that it’s the lunatic who “lives in a small world, but thinks it is a large one”.
Director & Producer - Kent Allison 
LUNATIC stood out for its high production values, subject matter, striking visuals and uplifting message.
— The Sunrise Film Festival Society - Best Documentary 2016





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