What do you do when 2 people in combat fatigues with rifles slung over their shoulders walk towards you down the trail, and all you are armed with is 2 ski poles and a Swiss Army knife?  Do you:  a)  Run in the opposite direction     b)  Charge and attack      c)   Walk by and do not make eye contact?

This mini adventure started as a result of my wife Liz and I deciding to postpone a planned back-packing trip.  Rather than wait to go on the big trip, I shouldered my pack and headed out of the front door……………literally.  This was a trip with zero carbon footprint, zero cost and took 30 hours!

I had often skied and hiked on the GVT and I always thought it would be cool to camp out by the Grand River.  Falling asleep to the sound of the river was idyllic, apart from the howling of the coyotes in the night and the early morning wake-up call of a farmer crossing the river in his tractor to go to work on the other bank!  Throw in a close up sighting of a Pileated woodpecker, wild turkeys, a hot air balloon rising in the calm evening air and a clear cloudless night, this was a special experience.

And so, back to the gunmen………………….I chose option (c).

So, there you have it, adventures do not need a lot of planning, just some imagination and can be there waiting for you on your doorstep!