the documentary


LUNATIC tells the story of Ian’s quest to walk in the footsteps of his childhood Antarctic heroes
(Shackleton, Scott and Amundsen) and his attempt to become the oldest Canadian to reach the South Pole.

LUNATIC is an inspiring tale about what can be achieved through dreams and determination. Dramatic, funny, educational and inspiring, watching LUNATIC may not make you want to embark on this extreme journey yourself, but you will be better for having experienced it through Ian’s eyes.
— Scott Kress - Adventurer, Seven Summiter & President of Summit Team Building

director's statement

When I first sat down with Ian to hear his story I was instantly captivated. Here was a high school drop out who eventually became a Chartered Accountant, climbed five of the seven summits, cycled solo 5,000 km across Australia and almost died on his successful summiting of Mount Elbrus, Russia. It is safe to say that Ian is not satisfied with “the ordinary”.
In the making of this documentary however, I started to wonder if he was really the “lunatic” that many had labeled him because after all, he’s lived a fuller life than many of us who are tethered to our computers trying to make a “living”.  Maybe G.K. Chesterton was on to something when he said that it’s the lunatic who “lives in a small world, but thinks it is a large one”.
Director & Producer - Kent Allison 
LUNATIC stood out for its high production values, subject matter, striking visuals and uplifting message.
— The Sunrise Film Festival Society - Best Documentary 2016