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"Ian Evans is an inspirational speaker!  Speaking to a very large group of our high school students, Ian engaged the audience with his interesting tales, wonderful images and short videos of his many adventures around the world. Not only were our students captivated, Ian provided many powerful and meaningful "life lessons" that were targeted to a teenage audience, that also resonated with people of all ages and walks of life.

If success of such a presentation can be measured in the level of class discussion that follows, then Ian's message was a smash hit, encouraging my students to express their thoughts in a manner that I have not seen all year.  I strongly recommend inviting Ian Evans to your school as a guest speaker".

Lloyd Lewis, Head of Cooperative Education, Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute



"Ian came to talk to our firm shortly after completing his ride across Australia. We have a very diverse staff, with people from China, Vietnam, Peru, Italy. India, Pacific Islands, Fiji and the Philippines with a range of ages from 20 to over 50.. Ian shared his many adventures with a talk and a slide show, he was able to connect with each person, making his experiences, both successes and failures relevant to our everyday lives. He left the group buzzing, full of enthusiasm and reinvigorated to tackle the big challenges in our lives whatever they may be. It was a great motivator for our group and I recommend Ian to any organisation that is looking for an inspirational speaker who shows that everyday people can do extraordinary things".

David Sharp, Partner DFK Richard Hill, Sydney Australia.


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"Ian Evans was one of our first guests on the Morning Show at The Grand at 92.9 FM and it's always a pleasure to have him visit the studio. He is extremely well-spoken and easy to connect with. It is rare to meet someone as genuine and passionate as Ian. His 5,000 km solo trek across Australia by bicycle is something few people could ever fathom, let alone accomplish, and it's a perfect example of Ian's unique combination of vision, willpower and perseverance.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian to any organization looking for a speaker to motivate and inspire their management and staff".

Hilary Eastmure - News Director, The Grand Radio 92.9, Fergus, Ontario         To listen to The Grand 92.9 radio interviews  -  click       interviews

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"In the past two years Ian Evans has presented three of his self-directed cycling adventure films at The Gorge Cinema in Elora On. His films and accompanying talks about his gruelling cycling accomplishments; circumnavigating Iceland; biking the length of the United Kingdom; pedalling the 5,000 kilometer breadth of Australia, are enormously popular, often sold out, with standing room only.  Ian has proven to be, besides an emerging filmmaker, an excellent motivational speaker and one who, while inspiring his audience, never makes his adventure seem out of reach or an impossible task.

His presentations, filled with humour and interesting anecdotes about challenges overcome and locals met, always provoke lively question-and-answer discussions that are a pleasure to experience".

John Chalmers - Owner, The Gorge Cinema, Elora, Ontario


"My first encounter with Ian was at a social gathering where we were talking with a group of neighbours about a proposed housing build in the community for Habitat for Humanity . Within a few short minutes, Ian and another friend had come up with the idea of using his upcoming cycling trip across Australia in the summer of 2012 as a fund raiser for the two family unit house that we were going to be building in the community of Fergus, Ontario that same summer.

Ian's commitment of philanthropy and willingness to contribute to the Habitat cause really did much to galvanize the community spirit, awareness and financial support towards such a build project.

His adventure and fund-raising cause was profiled on social media, the local and national newspapers.

Upon his return,he did a number of presentations in the community about this trip which were extremely well received and attended. His presentation style is low key, focused, well prepared and, filled with wry humour. His ability to really connect with his audience is very authentic.

As the co-chair of the Centre Wellington Build and a Director on the Board for the Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin Affiliate for Habitat for Humanity, I can say that Ian is a true inspirational force embodying all the humanitarian principles of Habitat for Humanity".

Karen Welch - Co-Chair of the Centre Wellington Build and a Director on the Board for the Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin Affiliate for Habitat for Humanity.


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"Ian Evans has spoken in Borderbrook School on several occasions.  He is a skilled communicator, confident, with real passion.  He is an empathetic speaker, who enjoys sharing and listening with equal measure.  He encourages questioning from children of all ages and responds at an appropriate level.

We have delighted in his cycling adventure presentation and can’t wait for him to return later in the year". 

Fay Green - Headteacher, Borderbrook School, Wales 

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"Ian Evans gave a presentation to our Royal City Mens Club in Guelph about his grueling 5000 kilometer bicycle trip from Perth to Sydney, Australia. He accomplished this feat in just 57 days without a support team. During his presentation Ian showed an exciting film he had produced to demonstrate just how challenging this ride was. Prior to showing the movie, he used slides to introduce the generosity of the Australian people he met while on his journey.

Ian's difficult bicycle journey, as demonstrated in the film, is highly inspirational and living proof of Neale Donald Walsch's famous quote, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Despite the many difficulties Ian experienced such as extreme weather conditions and strong head winds, he provides a powerful image of how sheer willpower and perseverance can overcome the many obstacles people experience in their lives.

Ian is a captivating speaker who gives fascinating inspirational and highly motivating presentations that would be of great interest to a diversity of audiences.

He was one of the best speakers that we have ever had for our Men's club".

Edward Herold - Program Chair Royal City Mens Club - Guelph,Ontario


"I was first introduced to Ian, after winning a leisurely return flight to Collingwood from Guelph airport.  Ian donated the trip as a prize in a fund raiser for a local cricket club.  We had a wonderful time and capped off the evening getting to know one another, sipping a pint at his favourite pub. 

If you have the chance to see Ian's film "Australia By Bike", you will understand why I describe Ian as one of the most disciplined people I know.  His ability to achieve personal goals under stressful conditions speaks volumes about his perseverance, determination, and ambition, while managing to be a most down-to-earth individual.

 As I have come to know Ian better, I appreciate his engaging personality, superb sense of humour, and commitment to helping others less fortunate.

Hearing Ian speak is an uplifting and inspiring experience". 

Gerry Minor - Heidelberg, Ontario