Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” -  Neale D. Walsch

Presentations that inspire, challenge & entertain

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Keynote Speech

Motivational Speech


“I highly recommend Ian as a motivational speaker for any organization. His storytelling style is authentic and engaging".                         PwC - Price Waterhouse Coopers

"Ian was a great motivator and inspiration by showing that everyday people can do extraordinary things".                                                  DFK Richard Hill, Australia

"It was an inspiration to hear how Ian overcame huge physical, mental and emotional challenges on his South Pole Expedition"              Outward Bound Canada

"Fantastic inspirational talk from Polar explorer Ian Evans.  Mental toughness personified"                                                                         The Maelor School, Wales

"Ian's speech was an incredible experience for all of us.  It was inspiring, authentic and motivating."                                                           Lakefield College School

"Ian's message of perseverance, commitment and drive to achieve the unimaginable was exceptional".                                                     St. John's Kilmarnock

“I highly recommend Ian as a motivational speaker for any organization. His storytelling style is authentic and engaging and he was able to translate his experiences into meaningful advice and lessons that our partners can take into their day-to-day business life.”

Raj Kothari, GTA Managing Partner, PwC

“Ian’s speech was an incredible experience for all of us.  It was inspiring, authentic, and motivating. The students were so excited about Ian’s story and message.  We would recommend Ian to any school wishing to inspire their students to break out of their comfort zones and truly own who they are as individuals.  A wonderful way to start the day!"

Peter O'Grady - Director of Student Leadership, Outdoor Education Teacher, Advisor                          Tim Rollwagen - Science Teacher, Grade Mentor, Advisor

 Having Ian Evans come to our school and speak about his adventures was exceptional. His message of perseverance, commitment, and drive to achieve the unimaginable was inspiring for all our students SK to Grade 12. He is a dynamic and engaging speaker in large group settings and he also did small class visits where students could connect with him more personally, ask questions, and learn more about this amazing adventurer.

                         Ashley Stewart - Student Life Coordinator - St. John's - Kilmarnock

“Ian gave a fantastic inspirational presentation at our annual manager’s meeting.  He is easily able to captivate the audience with his incredible life experiences and adventures from around the globe.   Ian’s sheer determination is inspirational in itself and our managers were still talking about the presentation days later!"

Ward Tregoning - President, Transfrt McNamara

"Ian is a talented speaker that kept 100 Grade 8's mesmerized!  The presentations were perfect for our needs - he took our suggestions to link his experiences to our programming effortlessly.  It was inspirational to hear how Ian overcame huge mental, physical and emotional challenges on the South Pole Expedition".

Dr. Robert Wallis - Principal, Outward Bound Canada

"Fantastic inspirational talk to our new year 12 from Polar Explorer Ian Evans.  Brilliant !!  Mental toughness personified".

James Connolly - Assistant Head, The Maelor School, Wales


“Ian gave one of the best talks we have had in many years at Norwell - feedback from both teachers and students was extremely positive.”

Paul Frayne, Norwell District Secondary School


"Ian provided many powerful and meaningful "life lessons" that were targeted to a teenage audience.  If success of such a presentation can be measured in the level of class discussion that follows, then Ian's talk was a smash hit"

Lloyd Lewis, Head of Cooperative Education, Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute


"Ian was a great motivator for our group and I recommend Ian to any organisation that is looking for an inspirational speaker who shows that everyday people can do extraordinary things".

                        David Sharp, Partner DFK Richard Hill, Sydney Australia.

"I thought it was very cool to have Ian in to speak.   Everyone would take something from it.  It was actually inspiring to hear what he did and makes me someday want to do the same thing."

Grade 12 High School students, Mount Forest High School

"Ian gave a truly inspirational and motivating presentation.  His perseverance to overcome the many obstacles to achieve his goal to reach the South Pole was truly inspiring.  He left us fixated and in awe of this great achievement.  Ian is a marvellous speaker and I highly recommend him"

            Rita Westbrooke,  Rotary Club of Cambridge Sunrise. 

"Ian blended polar history, Antarctic geography, stunning images and a tale of personal endurance into forty minutes that gripped everyone. I would highly recommend Ian to any organization looking for a speaker to inspire and entertain the audience"

                        Graham Westacott - Rotary Club of Waterloo

"Ian is a very dynamic motivational speaker where his message comes across saying a person can do anything IF you set your mind to it. In my opinion, his presentation should be made into a documentary film & if possible shown to students in all the elementary schools in Ontario"

                        Bill Green  -  President Kiwanis Club of Guelph

"I would recommend Ian to any organization seeking an entertaining and inspiring speaker.  Ian’s personable style, combined with superb photos and video clips gave the audience a true sense of the extremes and challenges of an expedition to the South Pole. Very much appreciated and enjoyed!"

John Thompson - President, Rotary Club of Kitchener-Westmount

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"It is rare to meet someone as genuine and passionate as Ian. His 5,000 km solo trek across Australia by bicycle is something few people could ever fathom, let alone accomplish, and it's a perfect example of Ian's unique combination of vision, willpower and perseverance".

Hilary Eastmure - News Director, The Grand Radio 92.9, Fergus, Ontario

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"Ian has proven to be, besides an emerging filmmaker, an excellent motivational speaker and one who, while inspiring his audience, never makes his adventure seem out of reach or an impossible task.  His presentations, filled with humour and interesting anecdotes, always provoke lively question-and-answer discussions that are a pleasure to experience".

John Chalmers - Owner, The Gorge Cinema, Elora, Ontario


"Ian's ability to really connect with his audience is very authentic.  I can say that Ian is a true inspirational force embodying all the humanitarian principles of Habitat for Humanity".

Karen Welch - Co-Chair of the Centre Wellington Build and a Director on the Board for the Guelph, Wellington, Dufferin Affiliate for Habitat for Humanity.

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"Ian is a skilled communicator, confident, with real passion.  He is an empathetic speaker, who enjoys sharing and listening with equal measure.  He encourages questioning from children of all ages and responds at an appropriate level".

Fay Green - Headteacher, Borderbrook School, Wales 

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"Ian provides a powerful image of how sheer willpower and perseverance can overcome the many obstacles people experience in their lives.  Ian is a captivating speaker who gives fascinating inspirational and highly motivating presentations that would be of great interest to a diversity of audiences.  He was one of the best speakers that we have ever had for our Men's club".

Edward Herold - Program Chair Royal City Mens Club - Guelph,Ontario